le-mans 24hr trip thoughts...

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le-mans 24hr trip thoughts...

Postby banner001 » Wed May 15, 2013 11:19 am

i've always wanted to go, and now that i have a car its an idea that i can entertain.

its at the end of june this year 21-23 (friday to sunday) and is not bad price wise if several people want to tag along.

£-wise, its £280 for just me, £170 each for 2 people, £135 each for 3 people, £115 each for 4 people, thats petrol there and back, ferry there and back, 3-day ticket (friday pit viewing and the saturday-sunday race) and carpark/tent rental, would leave late on a thursday to catch a night ferry and be back in england sunday/monday night time.

all we would need is beer and food, and if someone has a tent thats a bonus, if not there is always the car, or i might look at buying a 2-4 man tent.

i cant afford to go on my own this year as £280 is a bit too much short notice, but if 2 people on here want to tag along, £135 each is a bloody good price for a cracking weekend of big cars and even bigger bacon butties!

i would be leaving from coventry, so if anyone north of me wants to go, you can come down here and leave your bike in the garage/car on the drive, anyone south (i was intending to go M1, M25, then head to dover) i'll swing down and grab you.

i would need to have definite answers and the cash within 2 weeks (so end of this month) to go ahead with it, the cash would be non-refundable if you decide you cant make it later (unless you found me a replacement body) as the petrol/ferry/parking costs are the same for 1 or 3 people...of course if we want to make it a 4-person trip its even cheaper.

if anyone wants to run the numbers:-
cov to dover - 182 miles
calais to le-mans - 425km (264miles)
so thats 892 miles round-trip
say 45mpg, £1.35/liter petrol, makes it £122 for the petrol

individual entrance tickets are E71 = £61
car parking is ~E50 = £43

dover to calais ferry is ~£50 (which i think is very cheap) for car and 1 to 3 people (i dont think it changes for 4 people)

it takes ~9h to get there and a similar amount of time to get back, so leaving england at 7pm would get us there for 4am, i am just waiting for the reply from the course to make sure that the car park will be open at that time, if not we will take a ~1am ferry from dover and get to le-mans for ~7am.

sorry for the short notice, but leave your name here if you are genuinely interested, also its the 90-years of le-mans this year so it should be a good party :D
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